About us

Tonković is a family winery founded to preserve the culture of its region in the north of Bačka, cultivating vineyards on specific baked soil and producing wines with a strong stamp of that terroir.

We founded it in 2006 with many wishes, ideas, and hopes, but with only one goal: to revive one fantastic grape variety – Kadarka, which has been grown for centuries and is highly valued in Bačka and Srem, Slavonia, Vilanji in Hungary, Austria in Austria. Burgenland. Grapes that once arrived in our tame north from the far south, so along the way, they accumulated a lot of precious dust on their dark blue coat.


The Tonković winery is buried in a sand dune next to vineyards and farms. All our wooden barrels have a volume of 300 liters and are made of Hungarian oak. We regularly buy new barrels that we use for Rhapsody and Icon. All work in the winery, including pressing, is done by hand.


Allegro is our new wine with which we have completed the portfolio of all wines from the Kadarka variety. It is a white wine made from red grapes, Blanc de noir. Alegro was made by separating the skin from the wider, by the method of solitude.


Our rose is fruit wine that can be drunk all year round because, in addition to freshness, it also has a beautiful body. On the nose, it delights with the scents of the first wild strawberries. It is likable and charming: it evokes the colors and scents of summer,


Fantasy is the primary expression of the staff of the Tonković winery. It is an elegant, soft, and fresh wine with a medium body, moderate alcohol, ruby red color, recognizable aromas of red and black fruit, especially cherries and other fruit flavors which retains its intensity


Rhapsody is produced from best grapes of our vineyards. It is a wine with a strong body and a denser texture, aged in new 300-liter oak barrels. Rhapsody highlights two characteristics of our wines: elegance and freshness. The wine is full but elegant and drinkable;

Winery tours

So far, many companies have organized numerous events in our country. Why wouldn’t yours be one of them?


It is possible to organize different types of tastings in the Tonković winery.