Kadarka as a perception of heritage

With perseverance and effort, Ignacije Tonković brought the story of an old and once very widespread cultivar in the Danube region and Bačka to a degree from which there should be no return or abandonment…
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Gordana Tonković and her husband, Miro Reljanović – cooked things up by buying land for a vineyard. Ignatius Tonković, Gordana’s father and Miro’s father-in-law (unfortunately, he is no more with us), joined the ranks of winegrowers and winemakers. He turned over all possible literature on traditional varieties in the vineyards of Bačka and opted for kadarka, who consulted with local and Hungarian and Romanian experts and then, since 2011, he got real help from the Spanish oenologist Ruben – he brought the matter to a point from which, simply, there should be no going back and giving up. Today, the Tonković winery from Bačke Vinogradi is coming out with a severe kadarka wine. As much as kadarka was an essential notion of heritage for Ignac Tonković, I now see that persistent and focused Tonković with a very successful shot as a notion of heritage for Gordana and Mira. It is up to them not to interrupt the story but to continue to develop it with Ignatius’ passion. It is crucial, of course, financially and in other ways to endure, but if something has a more profound value and promises, it is worth the effort …

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