Our rose is fruit wine that can be drunk all year round because, in addition to freshness, it also has a beautiful body. On the nose, it delights with the scents of the first wild strawberries. It is likable and charming: it evokes the colors and scents of summer, but it quickly follows us through other seasons as well. It is excellent as an aperitif – with strawberries, it goes well with summer sweet and savory salads and homemade prosciutto. It goes well with burgers, white grilled meat, pizzas, red sauces, and desserts with berries.


  • Winegrowing region: Subotica-Horgos sandstone
  • Location: Bački vinogradi
  • Vineyard size: 7,5 ha

Technical information

  • Variety content: kadarka
  • Time of vintage: September
  • Manner of processing: manual and machine
  • PH: 3.53
  • Total acidity: 4.83g/l
  • Alcohol: 13.91%