Fantasy is the primary expression of the staff of the Tonković winery. It is an elegant, soft, and fresh wine with a medium body, moderate alcohol, ruby red color, recognizable aromas of red and black fruit, especially cherries and other fruit flavors, which retains its intensity on the middle palate well. Fantasia is an excellent gastronomic wine. It goes great with the typical dishes we eat with red wines and salmon, white and bluefish. Thanks to finely balanced tannins, Fantasy can last for at least ten years.

Fantasy 2011 won the Decanter bronze medal.


  • Winegrowing region: Subotica-Horgos sandstone
  • Location: Bački vinogradi
  • Vineyard size: 7,5 ha

Technical information

  • Variety content: kadarka
  • Time of vintage: September
  • Manner of processing: manual and machine
  • PH: 3.53
  • Total acidity: 5.21g/l
  • Alcohol: 13.53%

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