Rhapsody is produced from best grapes of our vineyards. It is a wine with a strong body and a denser texture, aged in new 300-liter oak barrels. Rhapsody highlights two characteristics of our wines: elegance and freshness. The wine is full but elegant and drinkable; gastronomically, it goes well with stronger but not too spicy dishes such as parquet, venison in a hunting way, or boeuf bourguignon.
Rhapsody 2012 was awarded the Decanter Bronze Medal. Like Fantasy, it was named in honor of the composer Franz Liszt.


  • Winegrowing region: Subotica-Horgos sandstone
  • Location: Bački vinogradi
  • Vineyard size: 7,5 ha

Technical information

  • Variety content: kadarka
  • Time of vintage: September
  • Manner of processing: manual and machine
  • PH: 3.53
  • Total acidity: 5.11g/l
  • Alcohol: 13.51%

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