During more than two centuries of migration of Serbs to former Hungary, some brought with them vine seedlings from their homeland. Somewhere along the way, “s” was lost in the name of one of those grape varieties, and Skadarka, which was named after Skadar or Skadar Lake, became Kadarka. The name was lost, but the lineage was preserved forever. There is a record in the Budapest wine museum explicitly mentioned that the kadarka was brought to Hungary by Serbs.

Historian Aleksandar Fotic believes that comparing the quality of Srem red wines with the Tuscan wine Nobile di Montepulciano, in the European professional literature from the end of the 18th century, refers precisely to the European professional literature to (s) kadarka. It has been noted that kadarka from the territory of today’s Vojvodina was widely bought by Austrian winemakers during the 18th century to improve the taste of their then red wines, which had a lot of acids. Our first expert writer on viticulture, Archimandrite Prokopije Belic, in his invaluable work “The Perfect Winemaker” from 1816, presented Kadarka as Skadarka, stating that its “strawberries” (berries) are full of juice, sweet and very extremely ordinary and Susak wine. They give”. Under the name Skadarka, this variety was grown in Šumadija until the middle of the 20th century, in the Venčačka wine cooperation, e.g.,

As a variety, Kadarka can give wines of different styles, structures, and strengths. Still, it is always expressed by one exceptional feature in each of them: great fruity elegance. No matter how strong she is, she is always incredibly drinkable and seductively caresses your palate, constantly enticing you to take a new sip.

In good harvests, it is highly extractive and accumulates a high percentage of sugar, which is always naturally balanced with excellent acids. These properties, supplemented by the finesse of our vineyard on sandy soil, allow us to produce both red and pink and even sparkling white wines of a specific style – Blanc de Noir (“white from black”).    

Due to its character and aromatic profile, many experts in Kadarka recognized the properties of Pinot Noir, Cabernet Franc and looked for similarities with some other varieties, but from the very beginning, we always looked only for Kadarka. It resembles some large varieties and yet remains incomparable, is its essence and greatest strength.

Kadarka is our mission and our guiding star, our dream and our insomnia. We dream about her when she also dreams in our basement. She wakes us up at night when she has no peace while restlessly maturing, and we are on our feet waiting for her harvest. There is one shot. She is the only one for us.