A call for revitalization / RHAPSODY KADARKA

Thanks to the Croat from Vojvodina, Ignacij Tonković, wine from the old abandoned and mostly neglected variety shone.
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In the glass are Fantasy 2012 and Rhapsody 2013 – reactions and how positive. Especially on Rhapsody. And you Fantasy and Rhapsody are – kadarka!… Well, here we are: some chickens are prone, mainly because it is difficult to find noteworthy wines on the market from that and such various world-famous and less popular cultivars, there is no white world pedigree, and the person in question is less well known – a priori to declassify wine. However, it is easily possible that a wine of the same variety, if drunk under a fancy name – will gladly – of course, if it is well made – be praised…

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