Časlav Matijević’s column: Kadarka

Let's go back to the beginning of the 19th century when some people experienced and heard from some other people about kadarka wines.
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Today, we hear the story of how, back in 1800, some other bare-handed Serbs stopped thirsty conquerors from the Turkish land on the shores of Lake Skadar with wine.

While the Turks were “tired” of the rotten wine from Skadar Lake, the defenders – in addition to hospitably defending their territory – took the vine that produced this numbered wine with them to the north. If you ask me, the said lineage was called Skadarka, but on this long journey to the north, the letter S was lost, and Kadarka remained. The Kadarka grapevine found its peace on the sandy soil of the Bačka vineyards around Palić Lake, not far from Subotica… Serbia.

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