Near Subotica, one of the most severe boutique wine projects in the region is currently being developed – Vina Tonković

On Sunday morning, the guys from Rioja, who run the vineyards and produce wine for the Croatian winery Tonković in Vojvodina, drew us a detailed vineyards plan. Blocks for the three leading labels were drawn on it. A small block, less than 20 rows, gives grapes for Icon, the most prestigious wine of this project.
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Then, the blocks for Rhapsody 1 and Rhapsody 2 are marked separately in different parts of the vineyard. Rhapsody is the second most valuable Tonković wine, and the numbers one and two indicate the quality of the position. Rhapsody blocks are located in three different parts of the vineyard. Everything else will end up in Fantasia, a base wine that, like Icon and Rhapsody, has already won Decanter medals.

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