FORGOTTEN VARIETY: Kadarka is salty as a gift to the Pope, and today it is drunk in the Bordeaux town of La Cité du Vin

It was adored by Franc Šubert, and every year Franc List sent staff to the Pope. Today the Tonkovićs continued this tradition, and Decanter recognized them and awarded the bronze medals.
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Kadarka is a large, forgotten grape variety of the Pannonian Plain that is currently experiencing a renaissance. It used to be grown all over Slavonia and Vojvodina, and kadarka wines were produced by the grandfather of the famous Croatian winemaker Ivan Enjingi. It disappeared in the 1950s and 1960s due to its sensitivity and the growing popularity of Franconian and Pinot Noir. It has remained mainly in Hungary, where it is equally successful as an independent variable and an ingredient in the bull’s blood cuvée. Kadarka is a grape variety of great potential, ideal for the production of modern wines because it gives them freshness, softness, and moderation as if it reflects the Pannonian character and the terroir on which it thrives.

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