Surprise of the Tonković family from Bačka

I probably tried Kadarka wines as a young teenager in the mid-70s when traveling around Vojvodina with my parents. Because I know I tried some local wines back then, but I’m also aware that many often confuse imagination with memory.
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In any case, if I tried Kadarka, I absolutely don’t remember its taste, unlike its name. I remember much better when as students, for dinner we had with friends, we drank Hungarian Egri Bikavér, or Bull’s blood, a famous wine in our country at a very reasonable price, in fact, a cuvée in which kadarka is one of the primary varieties (then, of course, I did not know). And then, for more than four decades, no one even mentioned Kadarka, until last year I heard about Tonković Winery near Subotica in Bačka. It took me a long time to finally try their kadarka wine, and already on the first sip, I decided that it was good not to remember the version of table wine from my teenage years, which I may or may not have tried, and by God, I regretted the memories of Egri Bikavér, which, according to Kadarka, was certainly not fair, much less showed its true qualities. Namely, that wine was something completely different from the beautiful ones with Tonković’s signature, because apart from the color of the Bull’s blood (not that I was slaughtered by those animals, but sometimes I like to believe in tradition), there was no resemblance.

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